Twenty seconds of bravery

Sharing my sweet nothings via the interwebs is not usually my style, however if any day warrants a public love-fest, today's the day. So quietly avert your eyes over to here if you'd rather check out my sugar-free muesli bars than read my syrupy love story (but it is pretty sweet….). It started this exact day last year - Ryder and I had escaped to a beach in Caloundra for the afternoon, to soak in the first hot sun of the season. He had recently had an operation and was not meant to be swimming, so we played in the sand and dipped our toes in the ocean, while I took some photos - including a heart-shaped stone that I shared on Instagram as part of the '#findinglove' initiative (little did I realise its significance at the time). I also snapped a pic of Ryder watering my legs, accidentally capturing a few extra people we didn't know - yet - three kids and their dad. (This photo was later shared on - website now defunct). We met a few moments after, when someone kicked a ball right in front of me - also kicking sand in my face - and Glen shyly but oh-so-gallantly asked if I was ok. Swoon. We then stood awkwardly in the water for the rest of the afternoon, barely speaking but sneaking looks at each other as our kids became friends and splashed around us - all the while as I watched in horror as my new fake tan ran off my arms and legs in brown rivers. Mortifying. We both returned to the beach the next day for another afternoon of nervous chit chat and uncomfortable flirting. With no numbers exchanged, we said our goodbyes, and went back to our single parent lives… wondering. Ten long days later I received an email at work - actually one of the girls did, and everyone in the office read it first - he had tracked me down and was followed was The Sweetest Email That Ever Was.

"I'm having some trouble subscribing to your magazine. If it's ok to leave my personal details, and if the city mouse could help the country mouse it would be appreciated. You can sell another mag and I get another chat. If you have seen the movie 'We Bought a Zoo' - I don't know if this is my 20 seconds of bravery or not. But it never hurts to make new friends".

And that was me: hook, line and sinker. The country mouse is now a city mouse (and gets all the magazines he desires), and I have a new brand of fake tan. Everyday I am so glad for what we have together and for what he brings to my life - through his strength, honesty, gentleness, grace, kindness, humour, intuition, love and support - and of course his bravery.

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