Ryder's Raspberry Mousse

Recently Ryder asked if he could create a recipe himself - or at least if we could come up with a recipe that he could make himself later without my help. I thought it was a great idea - I love that he's showing an interest in cooking and being independent in the kitchen. It's such an important skill to learn for taking care of his own health and wellbeing in the future (says she who left home at 18 not knowing how to peel potatoes). So we came up with this raw raspberry mousse together - it's super easy and nutrient-dense and can be made with multiple variations. Ryder made it completely himself and was so in the zone, as you can see from the concentration tongue. We used frozen raspberries because it cuts out having to chop fruit, but we also made it with mango another time and that was yum too. If you have a Seed Hunter in your household then maybe go for strawberries or blueberries instead. The butter can be replaced with coconut oil for a dairy-free version, and you could possibly replace the cashew nuts with double cream for a decadent, nut-free creation. I would suggest going easy on the serving sizes as it's fairly filling (or don't, your call). Let us know if you try it - I'm sure the Glad Lad would be chuffed.


1½ cups raw unsalted cashew nuts
1 cup frozen raspberries (or strawberries, blueberries or mango)
Juice of half a lemon (roughly 50-75ml)
1tp vanilla extract
½ cup rice malt syrup
¼ cup (60gm) unsalted butter
2tb coconut oil
¼ cup water (if cashews not soaked beforehand)
Pinch of salt
Optional: A few squares of dark chocolate (we used 80% Moser Roth from Aldi)


Soak cashews in enough water to cover for several hours or overnight, then drain water. OR - if you're impatient like me, and have a good blender, don't. Just remember to add the ¼ cup water if you don't soak them.
Throw everything into the blender and blitz the daylights out of it, until it's super smooth.
Chill for several hours (or if you're impatient like me, don't).
Grate chocolate over the top to serve.

Makes approx 6-8 small servings.

FOOD & RECIPESKelley Sheenan